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Meals at the Hilton

The Hilton has a great breakfast, lunch and dinners.  and a full bar as well.  Also, a snack area for those late night cravings... HaggenDas too!.... 

We will be at the F.F.D studio during the day in downtown Historic Mooresville. Lots of restaurants are well within walking distance to many great restaurants.

We love Dulce & Delish, they will be saving us a table in their outdoor patio for lunch. 


The Hotel has your Breakfast covered.

 Dinner is on your own.  It would be fun to go as a group to one of the nearby restaurants.

Del Sur and Jeffery's is a short walk.  

If you'd like to rest in your room, you can order from the hotel menu which is quite nice. see the button below. 

The hotel is located in a great area with many places  to eat nearby.

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