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 What is included in the camp price?    The camp price includes the workshops, sewing time with helpers, paint and sip party, lunches on Thurs, Fri and Saturday, Saturday evening bbq, boating and aqua cycles at Shawnelle and Mikes. 

The hotel has given us a block of rooms with a great price for you and your room comes with breakfast :) 

Dinner, drinks and anything else extra is on your own. 

We also have a sewing room stocked with supplies and can even hook you up with a  skirt project!

The retreat price does Not include airfare, airport transfers, ride shares or rental cars.  (you will not need a car!)

We are all about problem solving so please don't hesitate to ask us for anything you might need. 

Do I bring my own project?   We have a fun project using white Kona cotton and different skirt patterns designed to involve you in the creative process and learning and experimenting with different techniques.  We have dyes, paints and all kinds of trims to add your creative touch to your project.  

Also, we have other fabrics we bring along that you can choose from.  And you can bring your own patterns and fabric.  Many of our campers bring fabrics that they have had for a while and don't know what to do with.   

I am not sure I am a good enough sewer?    We have all levels in our retreat.  We'll get to know you and your abilities and guide  you thru your project whether you are a beginner or an intermediate sewer.   

If you are a beginner we will guide you thru our beginner program.  If you are a confident beginner we have a next level project for you and if you are at intermediate level we will be helping you thru your chosen project.

I'm just not creative enough.  That's what this camp is all about!  Creativity comes from trying new techniques and getting new techniques in your memory bank.  Our camp is the perfect outlet to try new things and get coaching and support in doing so.  We make it fun to play. 

I don't want to come alone.  We are all like minded people with the same love of sewing, making friends is easy here.  And we love to learn from each other.

Can I bring my husband or family?  A retreat is all about taking time and focusing on you.  To reinvigorate your creativity.  Husbands are welcome as long as they are supportive of our fashion and sewing passions.  

Family's?  No, we are not a family vacation.  This would take away from our other campers.

It's hard to take time away.   We all have that issue.  But what is life for but for fun experiences along the way!  Getting away is essential to re-invigorating your creative genes.  Problem is... you will not want this retreat to end!

Do I need to bring my own machine and sewing tools?  We have all the tools we need.  You are welcome to bring what ever tools you would like.

What will I learn at the retreat?  Shawnelle has extensive knowledge from working in the garment district of LA, the movie business as a costume designer for over 30 films, has designed hundreds of wedding gowns and gowns for the Hollywood crowd and now teaching for over 10 years at her studio school.  

You will learn all kinds of tips and techniques, it all depends on what you want to learn.  We do have workshops on pattern fit, grainlines and all about fabrics.  

I am a advanced sewer, what would I get out of it?  You would be in it purely for the fun of sewing. If you know it all then you may find you have many fans in the room and will be asking you for tips and techniques!

Please call with any questions you have!  Shawnelle (704) 799-3553

or email her at

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