What to Bring?

When you sign up we will be following up as the weeks get closer with more details and information.

We are working on some creative projects to help you expand your fashion creativity!  

As far as tools, we have sewing room trays that have what we need.  If you'd like to bring your own, great!


We also have sewing machines.  If you'd like to bring your own, great.  Let us know if you are.

What to Wear?  

Weather in early October is usually still warm.  It seems to be our last weekend on the lake.  I'd think layers.  We love the house so much that we do tend to stay indoors.  But we have yoga and melt session on the lawn, a boat ride, and love sitting on the porch. 

Bring cool comfortable outfits that you can layer if we are out at night it can get a bit cooler.  

We will be hanging out at the retreat that whole time so think comfort! 

PJ party's may break out too!

Also, we have very spotty reception for some cell phones.  There is WiFi  of course.