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What to Bring?

When you sign up we will be following up as the weeks get closer with more details and information.

We are working on some creative projects to help you expand your fashion creativity!  

As far as tools, we have sewing room trays that have what we need.  If you'd like to bring your own, great!


We also have sewing machines.  If you'd like to bring your own, great.  Please let us know if you are. That will help with our set up ;)

What to Wear?  

Think comfort!  We'll be mainly hanging around the hotel and then going out to dinner. 

Bring walking shoes if you want to walk around the business park that is near by. 

We'll be painting too  - we'll have aprons but still you don't want to wear your favorite comfy wear.

Bring your bathing suit and fitness wear as there is a indoor pool and a fitness center.  

We plan to go on a boat ride Saturday evening. 

Be sure to have some extra space in your suitcase for the new things you make and other goodies.

Weather?  April is a transition month so we never know, but usually warm and nice.  September is usually warm also. 

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