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The Hilton Garden Inn - Mooresville, NC

Bright, modern, warm and cozy 

Here's the place to expand your sewing mojo! 

Come spend 4 fun days with others who love sewing too! 

We are all about sewing creativity and enjoying the fun side of creating creative garments.

We are a small retreat with only 4 campers. 

We will be focusing on fabrics in our morning workshops. and talking about fit throughout the camp days.

Join us and grow your Unique Boutique :)

Lobby area, Camp Sew Social Sept 14-17, fashion sewing retreat

Our new Venue

Because adults want to camp too!  This is Future Fashion Designers 4th retreat.   Our first 2 retreats were at the Azalea Retreat-log cabin on the lake.  But that venue about doubled in price with the covid AirB&B boom making the retreat price go up just way to much. 

The retreats were just sew much fun, we could not just let them go, so we have found a new venue that is sew excited to have us!  Renee the manager of Hilton Garden Inn in Mooresville has been a friend of Shawnelle's for over 10 years and has been working with us to bring you a fun and relaxing retreat.  They are so excited to have us and we are sure to get the VIP treatment. 

Hilton Garden Inn, Please Register for your Room by August 15th 2023

Hilton Garden Inn Mooresville, NC 28117

bar area Hilton Garden Inn
Shawnelle Cherry, Fashion Sewing. Camp Sew Social Sept 14-17 2022, fashion sewing retreat

Hi!  I'm Shawnelle

I own Future Fashion Designers in Mooresville, NC - 12 years now!  I took my love and skill of sewing to the next level.   I turned it into a long career of fashion design and costume design.
After working in the garment district of Los Angeles,  I started my own design studio in Pacific Palisades, Ca creating gowns for the Hollywood crowd for the Oscars, Emmys, Golden Globes...
10 years later, burn out set in and I changed gears and went into Costume Design for feature films.  I have designed over 30 films to date.  I love to design for comedies because that is where I find the most creative opportunities.
With productions moving to the east coast, I moved to NC for what I was thought was a temporary move :)  Then I got a hairbrained idea to open a school to teach kids to sew and found I loved that as well. 
I am still in the Costume Designers Guild and am open to working on films just not looking as I have so many other things on my plate. 
I fell right in to the small (big) town activities, operate the school, create activities and events in the community and bonus have lots of adults who want to learn to sew too!
This year, I am writing 2 books about fashion design and sewing. I figure I'll go back to the movie business when I'm older since all the Oscar winners are in their later years, I still have time!  Until then, I am loving the creative sewing time!
Snack area at Hilton Garden Inn
Lobby area Hilton Garden Inn, Camp Sew Social Sept 14-17 2022, fashion sewing retreat
snack area at Hilton Garden Inn, Camp Sew Social Sept 14-17 2022, fashion sewing retreat
outside sitting area Hilton Garden Inn. Camp Sew Social Sept 14-17, fashion sewing retreat
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