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Thank you sew much for contacting us and for your
interest in our fashion retreat!

We would love to get to know you!

Please give us a little information about yourself.

Sewing skills:
About what level are you at with sewing?
How often do you sew?
Do you sew fashion?
Have you taken lessons or are you currently?
What kind of fabrics do you regularly work with?

Do you have any food allergy’s?
Are you Vegetarian? Y/N (sorry, we cannot accommodate vegan)
Gluten free? Y/N Dairy free? Y/N
Do you drink alcohol? Y/N

Insomnia Y/N Do you snore? Y/N

Are stairs a problem for you?
Have you attended any other similar camps/retreats?
What attracted you to our retreat?
What activity are you looking forward to?
What are your other hobbies?
Are you coming with a friend?

You can email or call us! 

Fashionably yours,

Future Fashion Designers,

(704) 799-3553


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